Friday, September 21, 2018

Obstacle Course

Place: Burger King (at the office)
Lunch: Whopper (no lettuce, no tomato), Chicken Fries, water

Today has been nothing short of a living obstacle course.

First, I get to work and my laptop won't open a program.  Turns out it's gone missing.  IT Guy takes a look and is baffled.  "The program folder is just...empty."  A half hour later and it's sort of reinstalled and I can sort of launch it if I do this one juryrig.  "Is that okay?" IT Guy asks.  "Yeah."

Then I go to lunch.  Or try to.  There's a semi with a "WIDE LOAD" sign blocking the entrance.  I drive down the complex to an alternate entrance.  Some woman is blocking that entrance in her car.  She's just sitting there, doing nothing but blocking my way out.  I honk the horn.  She looks at me.  I make "get out of the way you worthless idiot" hand gestures.  She finally does.

I go to the Burger King drive-thru.  "Whopper, no lettuce, no tomato, and chicken fries with ranch."

Speaker Girl:  "Do you want any sauce for the chicken fries?"

I hit the bank ATM.  Somebody is already there doing so many transactions that they've put their van in park and shut off the motor.  Good grief.

After finally getting access to the ATM, I head back to the office.  I pull lunch out of the bag.  Guess what?  No ranch.

My shiny blingy new phone arrives.  I go to set it up.  This turns into a ridiculously long process, the highlight of which is when I plug it into my computer to resture the backup of my old phone and the machine pops up an error that reads "This phone is not authorized to be used on this computer."


Some online research suggests I install the latest OS update to my computer.  Twenty minutes of downloading later, it starts to update.  Then it reboots.  Then it updates some more.  Then it reboots.  Then it updates some more.  Then it makes this really long beep noise and goes dead.  And I just stare.

Then it revives.

Then it says "Computing the installation.  About 43 minutes remaining."


So basically I'm writing this post on my work computer as a way to kill time (and vent) while the damn thing finishes updating.

About 14 minutes remaining.

I can't wait to see how long the restoral takes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Poor Planning

Place: Taco John's
Lunch: 3 hard shells, Potato Ole's, Pepsi

I walked out of the office and a big single drop of rain splatted on my sorry bald head.  I got out of the car at Taco John's and three drops of rain hit me.  By the time I finished ordering, there was a freaking monsoon going on outside.  Jeepers.

Who's bright idea was it to schedule National Cheeseburger Day on Taco Tuesday?  Jerk.  I hope you get fired.

Maybe I'll make a cheeseburger for dinner.  A cheeseburger and potato salad would be nice.  I have become so fond of the creamy dill and bacon potato salad at Slim Chickens that I sought out a recipe for such a beast online and made it over the weekend.  And it's fabulous.  But I still have a few bowls worth to eat before it spoils because it yielded at least a half dozen servings despite the fact I halved the recipe.

I did have a notable cheeseburger recently.  We got a Wahlburgers locally, and their "Our Burger" was surprisingly impressive.  The patty, "a proprietary blend of brisket, short rib, & chuck" according to the menu, was perfectly seasoned and had a texture more similar to steak than ground beef.  All of the flavors between the buns popped, especially the pickles.  To have a standout cheeseburger in a world saturated with cheeseburgers is really something, and this one totally did it for me.

Their "thick & crispy onion rings" were also impressive.  Their chili and lemonade, not so much.  Chili tastes very homemade, but just isn't a standout.  Lemonade was too tart for me.

I need to check out the O.F.D. burger next time.  It's a bacon mushroom Swiss.

Maybe I'll do that for dinner.

Nah.  Still have that potato salad to get through.