Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hide Your Money

Place: Panda Express
Lunch: Orange chicken, chow mein, fried rice, veggie spring rolls

Ever notice how orange chicken sometimes tastes like orange, sometimes tastes like sesame chicken, or sometimes is something in between? This is more like a spicy General Tso's chicken, but sweeter. Doesn't matter, because it's DELICIOUS.

I'm looking for a wallet. The change pocket zipper on mine broke. And it smells because the cat peed on it awhile back. The problem is that I can't find a similar wallet anywhere.

The wallet is a Totes model that I got at Totes/Sunglass World at the factory outlets. Well, the one I got it at is out of business now, as is every other one I knew of. There might still be one open in Minnesota, and I'm going up there next week, so I'm crossing my fingers.

It's designed as a checkbook wallet, but has a zipper compartment for change, and it's slimmer than the checkbook wallets I've been finding. I don't use the checkbook part (who carries THOSE around anymore?). I just like having my dollar bills unfolded, plus the additional space for all the plastic I carry (it's amazing how many places I do business with are issuing those stupid loyalty "club" cards).

But nobody has anything even remotely close to what I'm looking for.

I've been to Target. Wal-Mart. K-Mart. Walgreens. Marshall's. JCPenney. The only place that had something vaguely similar was Dillard's, and that was $40. I'm NOT paying $40 for a stupid wallet. Particularly one that's only vaguely similar. I paid less than half that for mine.

This sucks.

Of course, it's even more annoying because I'm running around trying to find one during the last week of Christmas shopping. My shopping's long since done, yet here I am on a wild goose chase for the unfindable item.

And it's REALLY annoying to keep my change in my pocket.

REALLY annoying.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

14 Shopping Days

Place: Salsarita's Fresh Cantina
Lunch: Enchilada platter, crispy ground beef taco, water with lime

You're thinking to yourself right now "Oh great. Another fresh-mex restaurant in a strip mall." And...well...yes. Yes it is. And yes, the other half of the building IS occupied by Starbucks.

The staff is having a difficult time with the television, which has a big funky menu over the picture. They can't get it to go away. Apparently, the problem is that the satellite receiver is somewhere else in the building. So Employee is pointing the remote at the TV and pushing buttons, but nothing is happening. The other employees are being helpful by laughing at her.

"It won't work from there!"

"But the box is right back there!"

"Well try it from back here!"

Other Employee takes a post in front of the TV while Employee wanders the building pointing the remote in the air and pushing buttons.

"Is it gone?"




"Now?" At this point she's standing in the door of the men's bathroom, probably aiming at the urinals.

"I can't believe you went in there!"



They're all laughing hysterically at this point when the menu goes away. Employee comes out and sees this.

"You're not going to tell me what you did, are you?"

It's December 12, and my Christmas shopping is done. Almost all of it was done online and almost all of it has arrived, is wrapped, and under the tree. Christmas cards went out last week.

I am SO far ahead of the game this year it's scary.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Who did I think they were? Hertz?!?

Place: HuHot Mongolian Grill
Lunch: Freakin' HUGE plate of bay scallops with mushrooms and noodles, freakin' HUGE plate of chicken with mushrooms and different noodles, water

So I returned the rental to Hertz last night along with the written violation from the Nebraska State Patrol detailed in my last post.

I'm pretty sure it went in the garbage.

Not even so much as a verbal apology.

I wrote a strongly worded e-mail to Hertz via the website. At least I felt better for venting.