Monday, June 13, 2011

Here's Your Change

Place: Cici's Pizza
Lunch: Lunch buffet, Dr Pepper

Dora isn't on.  Whatever IS on looks absolutely horrible.  For awhile, we were getting the Madagascar penguins in the Dora time slot.  I had no idea they had a TV series.

I'm starting to think I should stop carrying cash and just swipe my debit card wherever I go.  Why?  Consider today and this past weekend...

13th Avenue Warren Theatre, Friday - A movie ticket is $7.00.  I give Ticket Seller $22.  She gives me $14 in change.  I stare blankly.

Ticket Seller:  "It's $7.00.  You gave me $21."

Me:  "No, I gave you $22."

"Right.  It's $7.00, and you gave me $22."

"Yes.  22 minus 7 is 15."


She takes the $4 back and gives me a $5.

Freddy's in Topeka - Saturday - Lunch costs $6.42.  I give Smiling Counter Girl $22.  She stares blankly, then hands me back the $2.  "It's only $6.42," she says.

Me:  "Yes. But I don't want a bunch of $1's in change."

She doesn't understand and CALLS A MANAGER OVER.

He understands, of course, and tries to explain it to her.  She doesn't get it.

"Just input $22 into the register."

She does, still looking confused.  "You want all fives, then?" she asks.

"I don't care if it's a five and a ten.  I just don't want a bunch of $1's!"

Light bulb.


Manager laughs.  I don't.  Manager realizes this and stops laughing as I shrug my shoulders and give him an 'Are you KIDDING?' look.

Today, Cici's - Lunch is $6.76.  I give Counter Guy $22.01.  He inputs $220.01.  I am due $213.25 in change.

He gives me $13.25 in change.

"No, it's $15.25.  I gave you $22."

He's confused, but eventually decides I'm right.

Is the youth of America really getting that dumb?

Or is $22 just a bad luck number for currency?