Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'll Get to It Later

Place: Firehouse Subs
Lunch: Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket, chili, cherry limeade

This sandwich is SO GOOD.  It reminds me of that time I was at Firehouse Subs eating a Smokehouse Beet & Cheddar Brisket and...oh, wait...that's right now.

I just replaced my home desk.  I didn't need a new desk.  It was one of those moments when I'm in IKEA for something else and happen to see something that looks amazing and I must have.  "Oh wow!  This would be a far more efficient use of space!  I could put this here and that there and..."  That happens to me a lot at IKEA.  Everything from light fixtures to media shelves to Kool-Aid pitchers.  So I got the desk...like two months ago.  Hauled the boxes upstairs, and thought "I'll get to it later."

This weekend, I demolished the old desk (literally, it's in pieces mostly in the garbage can) and set the new one up.  Or least mostly up.  It's done enough to get my computer and equipment up and running again.  I still have to assemble the upper shelves.  I'll get to that later.

The whole project was way harder than I thought it would be.  Not because of the new desk assembly process (though some of IKEA's instructions require circus acrobat maneuvering) or even removal of the old desk (though I now wonder how I ever got it up to the third floor when I moved here).  It was clearing all of the stuff I had accumulated on the old desk.  Piles and piles of ridiculous things.  Things that I tossed on the desk with the idea that "I'll get to it later."  So what should have been a couple hour project turned into an afternoon of sorting through things I need to keep and things I don't.

Said things included:

1.44" floppy disks.  Dozens of them.  They were hiding behind my monitor.  I haven't had a computer with a 1.44" disk drive in at least a decade.  How did these make their way to the Townhouse of Solitude from the old place?

Cassettes.  TDK, Sony, even some Maxells.  A couple dozen, many blank and still in the shrink wrap.  A few are marked "air checks" from my last couple of radio gigs.  I may digitize those.  I have a USB cassette player for digitizing that has never left the box.  Not sure where it is, though.  Not on the desk.

I'll get to it later.

An Econo Foods "Econo" loyalty card.  As far as I know, there hasn't been an Econo Foods in business in years.

A LaQuinta Gold Rewards card.  Haven't stayed at a LaQuinta in at least five years.  They drove me off by insisting on making carbons of my credit card.  In this day and age?  Who runs LaQuinta, the GEICO cavemen?

A Bi-Mart membership card.

An Incredible Universe membership card.

An Egghead Software "Cue" card.

A Marriott room key card.

A Tim Horton's Timcard.

Several Frontier Airlines tickets.  I haven't flown Frontier since at least 2011.  It's sad what that once fun airline has become.

A Burger Chef coin ("doubloon") from 1969 commemorating their 1,000th location with 5 cents off any purchase.

A Series 1957 one dollar silver certificate.

Video editing software that was never unboxed or installed.

A copy of a wedding reception video I made for friends who never watched it, let alone cared it existed.

A fortune cookie fortune that reads "Constant grinding can turn an iron rod into a needle".

Three old wallets.

A Century Theaters employee name tag with no name on it.

A several years old McDonald's Monopoly game piece.

Several Hardee's coupons sent to me over the years by a friend who was an area franchisee.

A Wienerschnitzel golden 50th anniversary wiener antenna topper.

A Del Taco take-out menu.

A Huddle House take-out menu.

A petrified Tootsie Roll.  (Still in the wrapper.)

A ticket to a Van Halen concert that was cancelled.

Windows XP software.

Windows Vista software.

A Plantronics bluetooth headset.

A VHS tape full of Beachcombers episodes.

But the most pleasant surprise of all...the Canadian Mint Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games coin collection.  I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about this.

Most of the rest of the stuff is old papers, some important, some not.  For now, everything went into a box for future sorting.

I'll get to it later.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Place: Which Wich
Lunch: Italian Grinder (Mozzarella, Mayo, Marinara, Mushrooms, Onions, Pickles, Black Olives), Doritos, Pibb XTRA

It's National Sandwich Day, which I knew because of Subway's feel-good ad that ran a bajillion times Sunday during football.  Some sort of BOGO deal where people were giving away their extra subs.  I wonder who Jared Fogle would give his six-inch to?  Oh never mind.

Which Wich's Italian Grinder is my current Champion of Subs, and we just got a Which Wich locally this year.  So these are now in the regular lunch rotation.  (Well, I have to fudge an extra twenty minutes or so into the lunch hour to get here, but...)

We also got our first Firehouse Subs and Jersey Mike's this year.  We went from Sandwich Desert to Sandwich Heaven in the span of a few months.

So I found myself thinking about sandwiches, and thought I'd go over my favorites, in no particular order.

Which Wich Italian Grinder - Salami, Pepperoni, and Capicola, and whatever sauces, dressings, and veggies you desire.  They did an LTO version of this for awhile that added meatball slices and it's ALL ANYONE EVER ORDERED.  Why they got rid of that is anybody's guess.  It was an automatic $2 upsell.  They were PRINTING money.

Quizno's Mesquite Chicken with Bacon - The Quizno's Classic Italian was their best seller until they brought this out as an LTO.  It never left the menu.  They dip the chicken in some sort of mystery broth that gives it its flavor, add cheddar, bacon, ranch, and your choice of veggies.  I add pickles and Batch 83 sauce at the pepper bar.  Tasty.  Toasty.  Whatever.  Quizno's stores are becoming harder and harder to find, but there's still one just up the street from my office.

Jason's Deli Hot Pastrami Sandwich - They used to sell this as a Po-Boy melt with Russian dressing and it was perfect.  Now they make you choose a bread and spread, and the current menu doesn't mention Russian dressing, but I'm pretty sure they had it last time I ordered it that way.  Which admittedly was a couple years ago.  When your menu confuses me, I stop going.  That's the first reason I don't go to Palmer's.  (The second reason is everyone who works there is a rude arrogant prick.)

Subway Turkey Back When They Cut The Bread in a V-Wedge - Is it just me, or were Subway's sandwiches way better when they cut a V-wedge into the bread instead of slicing it in half?  No idea why, but I'm certain of it.

Steak n Shake Frisco Melt - I suppose it's technically a burger, but it's on buttered Frisco toast so I'm counting it.  Two hot juicy patties, thousand island dressing, multiple cheeses.  It's just wonderful.  There's a reason it's a signature favorite for them.  They have a grocery version of this available at supermarkets.  It's not even close.

Portillo's Italian Beef - Dipped in gravy with cheddar and no peppers, please.  SO good.

Jimmy Johns Gargantuan - The first thing it says on the menu board below Gargantuan is "All the meats".  So when the new guy started making mine and asked "What meats are on the gargantuan?" all the employees and I shouted in unison "ALL THE MEATS."  You know that "freaky fast" delivery claim they make?  They once delivered my sandwich EIGHT MINUTES after I ordered it.  Truly freaky fast.

tesg's Grilled Cheese Sandwich - My own grilled cheese sandwich consists of butter with a dash or two of garlic salt spread on bread and grilled with three slices of Tillamook sharp cheddar in between.  You can use a different brand natural sharp cheddar (making sure they're NATURAL sharp cheddar slices) if you can't find Tillamook.  I make a lot of these during Autumn, usually in the classic pairing with tomato soup or sometimes chili.

Firehouse Subs New York Steamer - What a gross name. What a delicious sandwich.  Corned beef brisket, pastrami, provolone, deli mustard, mayo, and Italian dressing.   I like to pair it with Firehouse Subs chili, but the chili is awfully pricey, making lunch a total north of $13 with a drink (I suggest Firehouse Subs cherry limeade), so I don't have a lot of these.  You just don't feel like you get $13 worth of food.

National Sandwich Day is in November, which means...it's already November.

How did that happen?