Monday, November 10, 2014

Flying Fall

Place: Subway
Lunch: 6-inch Big Hot Pastrami (Italian herb & cheese bread, double meat, provolone, Chipotle Southwest sauce, pickles), chips, Pibb XTRA

I complained last year when Subway brought out the LTO Pastrami that it was AWFUL.  And I was a fan of it on previous rollouts.  But it's better this year.  Subway's pastrami meat is pretty stringy, though.  Yes, I could just go to Jason's Deli and get a decent pastrami sandwich pretty much whenever I wanted, but...I don't know.  I just don't.

What the heck happened to October?  It flew by WAY too fast for me.  College football is getting down to the nitty gritty, cold air is moving in, there's only four episodes of "Gracepoint" (aka the show apparently only I watch, which is sad) left, caramel apple milkshakes have already come off the Steak n Shake menu to make room for Winter White Chocolate (which are also wonderful, especially if you add hot fudge), my biggest vacation of the year is almost here...what the heck, man.

What a weird weekend it was for college football, too.  I was watching the Oregon-Utah game when the Utah player dropped the ball on the way to the end zone, thinking he'd already scored, only to have a Duck pick the ball up and run it back for a touchdown instead.  That was just mind-boggling stupidity right there.

I did see the movie of the year over the weekend.  "Birdman" is a sort of dark comedy about personal demons where the direction, cinematography, performances, and writing converge into the perfect movie...the first movie I've given four stars to since 2012's "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".  So there's that.

I don't know.  Just seems like...

...I don't know.

Saturday, October 04, 2014


Place: Taco Pronto
Lunch: Two tacos (mild sauce), cheese enchilada, Coke

It's National Taco Day and, being favorable of the medium, I am sort of obligated.

Wichita has many local options thanks to being the hometown of Taco Tico, a once giant of the midwest.  There are many Taco Tico copycats and knockoffs around town that do business exactly the same way.  They're close enough in style that I have coined the term "Wichitacos" when referring to them.

For today's tacos, I chose Taco Pronto.  Taco Pronto has perfectly fine food, though not my favorite Wichitacos.  The reason everybody comes here is for the ice.

Taco Pronto has an ancient ice machine that makes soft shaved ice.  They give you a cup filled with ice, you fill it with soda, then you sip it from the cup sans straw (though they do have straws if you're an idiot) and take in ice with the soda and chew on it.

It's a wonderful thing.

Apparently they don't make this style of machine anymore, and parts are hard to come by, but they've managed to keep the thing (and the one at their other location, I assume) hobbling along.

So if you are a fan of ice and find yourself in Wichita, check out Taco Pronto.

Even if it isn't National Taco Day.