Friday, November 17, 2017


Place: McDonald's
Lunch: McRibble, fries, Coke

For those who don't remember, a McRibble is the term I coined for when you buy a McRib Extra Value Meal with a second McRib for $1 special, then remove the bottom buns and fold the sandwiches together to make one double McRib.  Try to keep up, class.

Our local McDonald's stores have added mobile ordering through the McDonald's app.  I've played with the app but haven't actually used it yet because I don't really see the point.

I am an avid app user for some other chains, most notably for Taco Bell, because you can make crazy customizations to anything on the menu without locking up the brains of the counter help.  I also use the app for Which Wich.  Customize your sandwich, pay, walk into the store, go back to the Pick Up, give your name, they hand you the sandwich, and walk out.  Awesome.

But customization on the McDonald's app is seriously limited.  They give you a list of the standard ingredients on each item and you can remove them or add extra to SOME of them.  For example, forget adding extra beef patties.  You can add extra cheese to cheeseburgers...up to three slices (why would you limit something you're charging extra per slice for?)...and for some reason five on the Filet-O-Fish, but I can't, for example, add cheese to a McRib.  Then they have a Condiments tab where you can add a very limited number of specific things to each sandwich.  One of the options is usually that condiment known as "Bacon".  Finally, there's a "Special Requests" tab.  That usually has one option..."Plain".

It's not even the same over all sandwiches.  I can add mayo to most of the burgers, but I can't to the Filet-O-Fish, even though they make ketchup an option on it.  And by the way, who would put ketchup on a Filet-O-Fish?  I don't even want to know you.

The really annoying thing is that you can't substitute cheddar cheese for American cheese.  It's back there in the kitchen.  They have sandwiches with cheddar on the menu all day.  Why can't I have a Quarter Pounder with Cheddar?

It's like somebody at corporate decided "I'll let people have this and that, but not this" on each specific sandwich.

If I want to build a Big Mac with McChicken patties or even sausage breakfast patties, why can't I?  I want to be able to Frankenstein up any concoction I can think of with the available ingredients on hand.

So don't expect me to use the app with any regularity.  Elderly Counter Guy and Wilford Brimley Lookalike Rod will just have to keep taking my orders the old fashioned way.  It's not like I customize anything at McDonald's anyway.

But I look forward to seeing what I can eventually concoct on the Whataburger app.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Place: B-Bops
Lunch: Classic single (no lettuce, no tomato), chili (w/cheese & onion), Pepsi (because I suck at being a no good worthless rotten diabetic)

B-Bops is our local version of the double drive-thru discount burger joint that was such a fad in the late 80's and early 90's that featured loaded quarter-pound burgers for 99 cents.  Most of these chains nationally have all but died off, but this market is so backwards that the concept continues to thrive.  Heck, we still have two operating K-Marts, a Bonanza, AND a Bennigan's for that matter.

This location is brand new but foregoes the double drive-thru in favor of a standard fast food building with a single drive-thru and an indoor dining room.  B-Bops had to conform to the design standards of the uppity development this store is located in but wanted to keep their fun retro style, and the result is a mishmash of hideousness.  The building looks like a re-purposed 70's Taco Bueno, but painted in white, black, blue, yellow, red (a fake "neon" pinstripe)'s just awful.  There's fake arched window framing painted black along the drive-thru lane

It's also instantly popular.  The joint is jumping.  Nice to have a B-Bops nearby where you don't have to eat in your car in the winter.

Aside from price increases (that 99 cent quarter-pound burger of the past is currently $3.59), B-Bops hasn't changed much.  They make a good charbroiled burger and one of the better fast food chilis.  They have the usual alternate options like chicken and what not.

Keep it simple.