Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mediocre Tacos

Place: Taco John's
Lunch: Four tacos, small Super Ole (no tomato, no guacamole), Pepsi

I don't go to Taco John's much, especially since I discovered Abelardo's.  But I did the Taco Tuesday thing last week just because I hadn't in awhile, and the tacos were REALLY good.  They had a good amount of meat in them, they actually had a reasonable amount of cheese in them (which for Taco John's is unheard of), and they weren't watery.  The meat was meaty and well seasoned.  So I came back this week.

Me: "Four hard shells (which is Taco John's speak for crispy tacos), small Super Ole (which is Taco John's speak for Potato Ole's covered in cheese, beef, beans, sour cream, olives, and other stuff), no tomato, no guac, medium Pepsi."

New Counter Girl inputs the tacos and a Super Ole with EXTRA tomatoes and guac, and no olives.

I point out the errors.

New Counter Girl: "Oh, the button did the wrong thing."  She removes the "extras" and adds "no tomato" and "no guac".  But also leaves out the olives.

"Actually, I DO want the olives."

She fixes the olives.

I give her my money and matching change.  She pulls the paper bills out from under the change and just ignores the coins.

So I point that out too.

You're picturing New Counter Girl as being a teen who doesn't care.  But she actually appears to be the age of somebody who's had a few kids and she's really nice.

Miraculously, the food arrives as ordered, but it's more like standard Taco John's fare than the awesomeness I experienced last week.  The beef is watery and not very flavorful.  The cheese is back to its near non-existent levels.


Nothing much going on.  Weather's been cool this week.

Still humid, though.