Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Organic in a Box

Place: Church's Chicken
Lunch: Original thigh, spicy thigh, biscuit, water

Frowning counter guy: "Dez spicy ez no cook. Take three minute. Okay?"


Some Girl is having a close and intent conversation with Some Guy in the dining room. She looks at me as I approach the dining room like she's nervous I'm going to sit within earshot. So I sit as far away as possible. I think they're breaking up. No...I think she's trying to convince him to commit. Maybe she's trying to talk him out of robbing the place. She's getting nowhere for sure. He keeps grinning (nervously) and acting silly, trying to diffuse the situation.

The chicken is fresh and hot. Holy CRAP is it hot! Yow. But yummy.

Spotted today in Whole Foods Market: Organic macaroni and cheese in a box. Organic macaroni and POWDERED cheese in a box.

Now I realize it's technically possible and perfectly logical, but doesn't it seem like a bit much to be marketing a powdered mac and cheese as organic?

(Somewhere, a Whole Foods executive is thinking "Not if it sells. And BOY does it sell! Hee hee hee!")

Whole Foods is awesome. They have amazing produce and seafood departments, interesting and unusual things found nowhere else (did you see the "Unwrapped" that featured IZZE soda...100 percent carbonated fruit juice? Whole Foods sells it), and their store-brand "365 Organic" stuff is reasonably priced. I started messing around with the organic label stuff (365 and Safeway's "O Organic" line) about a year ago, and found some of it just tastes better than the non-organic counterpart I've used previously. Plus, the organic stuff tends to come out slightly ahead on the "Nutrition Facts" label. So I actually do shop Whole Foods intentionally, and go there with a shopping list.

But organic mac and cheese in a box?

Now that I think about it, I should have bought some and tried it.

Next time.

What's the deal with 7-Eleven marketing a vanilla Slurpee colored purple? That's just wrong. And what kind of 7-Eleven has eight active Slurpee flavors and not one of them are cherry?