Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Fourth Anniversary

Place: Palmer's Deli & Market
Lunch: "The Melt" sandwich, potato salad, pickle, brownie, Pepsi

Palmer's is one of those delis where you walk in to a menu with a million sandwiches and sides available, and the help looks annoyed with you if you don't know what you want immediately. They're overpriced and they're rude. Naturally, they do an insane amount of business.

Overheard in the office from a woman who got roses for her anniversary...

"The first year we were married, he sent roses. And I said "What are you doing? I hate roses!" So then he sent roses again the SECOND year! Then the third year, he sent a bouquet and I said "Where are my roses?" And he's like "But you HATE roses!" And I said "Yes, but now it's a tradition!" Honestly."

If she were married to me, I would send her divorce papers on the fourth anniversary.