Saturday, October 04, 2014


Place: Taco Pronto
Lunch: Two tacos (mild sauce), cheese enchilada, Coke

It's National Taco Day and, being favorable of the medium, I am sort of obligated.

Wichita has many local options thanks to being the hometown of Taco Tico, a once giant of the midwest.  There are many Taco Tico copycats and knockoffs around town that do business exactly the same way.  They're close enough in style that I have coined the term "Wichitacos" when referring to them.

For today's tacos, I chose Taco Pronto.  Taco Pronto has perfectly fine food, though not my favorite Wichitacos.  The reason everybody comes here is for the ice.

Taco Pronto has an ancient ice machine that makes soft shaved ice.  They give you a cup filled with ice, you fill it with soda, then you sip it from the cup sans straw (though they do have straws if you're an idiot) and take in ice with the soda and chew on it.

It's a wonderful thing.

Apparently they don't make this style of machine anymore, and parts are hard to come by, but they've managed to keep the thing (and the one at their other location, I assume) hobbling along.

So if you are a fan of ice and find yourself in Wichita, check out Taco Pronto.

Even if it isn't National Taco Day.